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NFC, QR and Blockchain Database Solutions for Your Business.
Traceability, Transparency, Security and Trust.

NFC Technology

Using the latest in Near Field Communication technology, connected to Blockchain Database systems and Custom designed Applications to offer countless solutions for your business.

Bullet Proof Data

Using NFC & QR sensors for identification coupled with infallible data storage, we create systems to track & trace anything from concept to creation. Working with you to develop secure data records and share information along the entire chain.

Application Integration

Our team can work with you to build custom applications to offer extensive functionality and customizable systems to suite any requirements.

Information is the Key to Sustainable Business

Our extensive experience will help you develop successful information and visibility campaign materials.
Offering the public an insight into the sustainable solutions your business is embracing.

Creating Collaborative Data Systems

Solutions that transfer across countless industries from technology to medical, renewables to recycling, food to factories, travel to transport. We create traceability & information systems for versatile solutions to simplify & streamline your business.

Streamlining collaborative networks for infallible and secure data access.

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